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Stainless Steel wire: 6mm 7x19 Stainless Steel Wire Rope (hard eye - hard eye)


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Marine grade 7 x 19 Stainless Steel wire rope 6mm wide. It is a very popular stainless steel construction used throughout the Marine Industry, usually for running rigging purposes, but also used for many other purposes including rope slings and guardrail.

Flexible (7x19 strand)
This 7x19 stainless steel wire rope is constructed of 7 strands and each is comprised of 19 strands which are all bound together in order to create the 1 rope. This construction has a higher flexibility but a lower breaking load than the firmer wire constructions. Breaking load capacity is of 510kg.

End style: Hard eye (Talurit eye) loop is reinforced with a stainless steel thimble and connected with a copper ferrule which is compressed using Talurit 25 ton hydraulic splicing press.

Wire rope breaking load:
6mm 7 x 19 = 2050kg

Running rigging, Control cables, Guardrail, Wire rope slings, Structural / Architectural, General engineering applications.

How to select Length:
Select to the nearest metre from the pick list. Once you have added this product to your bag and continued to Checkout, you will be able to tell us the exact length in the comments area. For conversion 1 ft = 30.5cm.

Please double check the lengths you require before selecting. The length should be from the inner eye to inner eye (bearing edge to bearing edge - see image). Whilst we will try our best to ensure accuracy of length, do allow for a flexibility of about 1cm.

Please note: Because this item is made to specification it is non refundable.